K8sGPT joins the CNCF Sandbox

K8sGPT is a tool for scanning your kubernetes clusters, diagnosing and triaging issues in simple english. It has SRE experience codified into its analyzers and helps to pull out the most relevant information to enrich it with AI.

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K8sGPT is for…

Workload health analysis

Find critical issues with your workloads.


Complex signals into easy to understand suggestions.

Fast triage, AI analysis

Look at your cluster a glance or use AI to analyze your cluster in depth.

Security CVE review

Connect to scanners like Trivy and triage issues.

Works on all CNCF conformant Kubernetes clusters

We want k8sgpt to stay relevant to the latest Kubernetes releases. We test it on all CNCF conformant Kubernetes clusters upto N-2 releases.

Work smart, not hard

Codified SRE knowledge knows what to search for

We have created analyzers that search your Kubernetes cluster for common problems and issues. These analyzers are based on SRE experience and are constantly being updated to keep up with the latest Kubernetes releases.

AI cuts through the noise

Our ambition is to support multiple AI powered backends. These serve as guides amid the noise of your cluster. They help you to focus on the most relevant information.


This can save, the support teams tons of hours, so they can focus on more complex problems and automation.

Bartłomiej Płotka

Bartłomiej Płotka

Senior SWE, Google

We’re super excited about the promise of k8sgpt + our new OSS project LocalAI which lets anyone run local models. Combining k8sgpt with LocalAI is like a match made in heaven.

Anton Smith

Anton Smith

Head Of Product, Spectro Cloud